Signs Of A Bad Refrigerator Seal And How It's Repaired

Your energy-efficient refrigerator depends on a tight seal to keep chilled air inside and to keep warmer air out. If the seal has gaps or cracks, then your refrigerator may run more than it should and the temperature inside may not stay as cold as it should. Fortunately, the door seal can be replaced. Here's how the gasket seal is replaced and things you should check before scheduling a service call.

How To Tell If The Door Seal Is Bad

One way to tell if the seal is bad is to close the door on a sheet of paper. If you can pull the paper out without having to tug on it, then the door isn't sealing well. If this happens, examine the seal. There might be dried food on it that's keeping the door from sealing. You can clean the seal with a soft brush to make sure it's clean and then repeat the paper test.

Another sign of a bad seal is when there is mold on the refrigerator or beads of sweat. These problems occur when the door seal leaks and warm air meets cooler air and condensation forms. When your refrigerator cycles on and off more frequently than it used to, that could be another sign of a bad seal or other refrigerator problem, so you should have a repair person take a look.

How A Bad Door Seal Is Repaired

It might be possible to patch up a gap if it is the only problem, but it's likely the repair person will replace the entire gasket. The gasket is held in place by a retainer, and if the retainer is cracked and contributing to the problem, it will be replaced too. If the retainer is fine, then the screws that hold it tight are loosened so the door seal can be pried out. Then, a new seal made specifically for your model refrigerator is inserted and tightened under the retainer. The steps are simple, but getting the gasket on can be difficult sometimes and it may need to be softened in warm water first so it is easier to stretch around the door. Installing the seal correctly is important or it will twist and create a gap when the door is opened and closed.

The best way to protect the new gasket seal around your refrigerator door is to clean spills off right away and deep clean it a couple of times each year to keep sticky buildup from accumulating. If you suspect your door seal is worn, you'll want to call for repairs as soon as you can so your refrigerator works efficiently and your food is kept at a safe temperature. Companies like A1  PROFESSIONAL APPLIANCE SERVICE AND REPAIR can help you repair your refrigerator in no time. 


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