Fire Safety in Your Clothing Store

Your clothing store may be "hot stuff" because of all the latest fashions you sell, but actual fires may never worry you. However, fires are possible in all environments, even your clothing shop. Taking care now could prevent inventory damage and peril for yourself, customers, and staff. Simple actions like these can ultimately preserve your shop.

Installing Fire Sprinklers

Many clothing materials are flammable, as are cardboard cutouts, boxes, and other inventory-related items in the store. If the space doesn't already have an updated, automatic sprinkler system, consider it. Fire sprinklers are especially wise in the staff lunch/break room, where microwave or oven mishaps can occur. You may already have a single extinguisher in the room, but containing small kitchen fires when they occur is preferable than having to deal with a bigger fire if it spreads.

The variety of fire suppression systems available for even small shops can mean there are sprinklers that will accommodate your budget and space.

Do Drills

Even if you display large, illuminated "exit" signs in the shop and have a posted fire plan somewhere, don't assume everyone is aware of it. You may already have store-wide meetings every few weeks; incorporate fire drills into those meetings. Each drill will refresh the memory of old staff members and train new staffers at the same time. When fires happen, everyone can calmly take action and meet outdoors. Without drills, everyone may escape, but it may take longer because of the panic they may feel at the time without the plan firmly practiced in their minds.

It's especially important that floor staff remain peaceful and know the exit plan best; they will be among customers, and it will fall to them to guide those customers to a safer location. You might designate someone to check bathrooms before leaving. Impress upon everyone that your primary concern is human life and not garments. While a separate plan may exist to protect inventory, every person should leave the shop while it is still dangerous.

Update Insurance

As part of normal retail business, you should be updating your insurance as the shop grows. Pay attention to fire policies so that you feel confident that a fire won't ruin the retail aspect of your business. You may even ask about greater coverage.

Your clothing store and all that is inside of it should be more secure with these actions done. Fire safety engineers and companies like Allied  Fire & Safety Equipment Co Inc can craft a specific plan for you, workers, and inventory.

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