Prepping Home A/C Before The First Heat Wave

As temperatures rise, you may feel happy to put away your winter coat and boats. However, before forecasts notify you about the first real heat wave of the spring or summer season, you also need to be evaluating and checking out your A/C system. These tasks ensure that a heat wave won't prevent cool air from making your family comfortable.

Clear Area and Coils

After the last hot day of summer, you probably forgot about the A/C system altogether. Twigs, dead leaves, and various property debris has probably blown into the casing of the main HVAC unit. These items can interfere with the fans and coils, which may have dust or dirt on them. Clear out any visible debris and brush off the coils with an old or unused toothbrush before firing up the system.

Check Coolant Lines

The tubes that lead the cool air into your house are every bit as important as the main HVAC unit. Over the past autumn and winter, they might have been torn or bitten by small pests. Do your best to follow them from the HVAC unit to where they enter your home; if they're damaged, contact professionals. If they're not insulated or the insulation is torn, get insulation sleeves from the nearest big box retailer.

Check Drain Line

The drain line can be the source of problems and often goes unchecked. It's meant to drain water out of the system, and any clogs or obstructions can create a backup that causes water damage to the entire system. In addition, it can trigger automatic shutdown of the main HVAC unit and you'll be toasting indoors without realizing why. Look at the line to see if it's clear or get an HVAC professional to help.

Open Supply Vents

In the house itself, it's possible that you closed off the vents. You're likely to open a few now, but take care to ensure all supply vents are kept open throughout the hot seasons. If you don't, pressure may build within the home's ducts. That could have serious ramifications for the HVAC unit's blower, which will need to work that much harder to cool the place, and your utility bills could ultimately show that.

This season's first heat wave won't be uncomfortable for you if you take a few minutes to observe and take action on these A/C suggestions. For even more confidence, consider asking about air conditioning services from local HVAC contractors.

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