Features To Consider When Buying A Hot Tub

Some people assume that all hot tubs are the same until they start shopping at a hot tub store. They will learn that hot tubs have unique characteristics beyond the size. Learn more about the hot tub features you should consider before purchasing. 

Hot Tub Shell Material 

The hot tub shell is the main portion of the hot tub, containing the actual tub. Today, most hot tub shells consist of either vinyl or acrylic (although you will find hot tubs made from other materials occasionally). 

Vinyl is a cost-effective option, attracting consumers on a budget. However, vinyl doesn't retain heat well, meaning there will be heat loss, and the hot tub will need to work harder to keep the water at the desired temperature. If you do get a vinyl shell, seriously consider adding insulation to the hot tub, too. Furthermore, vinyl deteriorates after excessive exposure to UV rays.  

Acrylic will cost a little more than vinyl, but it holds up longer, and it retains heat better. 


Hot tubs have LED bulbs that both illuminate the hot tub at night and contribute to the ambiance. 

Most hot tubs have lighting in multiple locations, including under the water, on the rim, and outside of the water. High-end models will allow you to customize the color and intensity of the lights. 

Exterior Access Panels 

When a hot tub requires repairs, the technician will need to access the inside of the tub. Some models only allow access from inside the tub, meaning that they have to drain the tub. Certain models now have exterior access panels. These exterior panels open when necessary, making repairs much easier. 

Number, Location, and Settings of Jets

One of the most important aspects of a hot tub is its jets. You'll need plenty of jets in various locations throughout the tub. Some hot tubs only have two options for the jets: on or off. Other hot tubs allow the user to control the speed and ferocity of the jets, too. Advanced setting options will give you the opportunity to adjust the tub to your exact preferences instead of settling for the setting established by the manufacturer. 

Entertainment System 

People use hot tubs to relax. Increase relaxation by including an entertainment system. You will find entertainment systems that offer only audio or both audio and video. Be careful with electronics around the hot tub. Look for waterproof products or install the system a safe distance away from the water.

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